Pre/Post Instructions

Before you tan:

  • Exfoliate! This is crucial to extend the life of your beautiful spray tan. DHA affects the dead skin cells, the top layer of our skin. The thicker the layer, the quicker the tan will rub off. Exfoliating makes the the top layer smoother and thinner, allowing your spray tan to last longer. Exfoliating gloves with a good sugar scrub works great!
  • Shaving and waxing should be done after exfoliating and preferably the night before your tanning session.
  • Clean, Dried, Exfoliated skin will allow the spray tan solution to be absorbed by the skin. Deodorants and lotions will act as a barrier and block the solution. Remove all lotions, make-up, deodorant, and jewelry.
  • Wear a dark bathing suit or underwear when you are being spray tanned, though some prefer no tan lines.
  • Drying time is around 5 minutes. We recommend you wear dark, loose fitting clothing and flip flops after your session. Avoid wearing wool or nylon clothing as it may absorb the bronzer.

After you tan:

  • While your spray tan is processing try not to sweat. Avoid working out or any strenuous activity that will cause excessive amounts of perspiration. The DHA continues to develop and darken the top layer of the skin up to 6 hours after your tanning session. We recommend leaving the tanning solution on your skin for no less than 6 hours, the longer the better.
  • Your first shower you are simply rinsing the cosmetic bronzer off the surface of your skin. Avoid long hot baths which tends to dry out skin. Avoid bar soaps that have a high PH level as they can cause dry patchy skin. Don't exfoliate until the night before your next tanning session.
  • Avoid Chlorinated water which tends to eat away at your spray tan. Apply moisturizer twice daily, the more hydrated your skin the longer it will last. Avoid lotion with Alpha Hydroxy which can cause bleaching and exfoliation.


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